Classes we offer

Hands On - Pistol/Revolver

This course is designed for those who learn better with a hands on approach. In just 2 short hours I can have you walking away feeling comfortable and confident with a firearm. This course will qualify you for an Iowa and Arizona permit to carry. Click HERE for frequently asked questions regarding the range course.

Renewal course and requalification

Training for Renewal Permit Application (from SF2379, Iowa Code 724.11(1)) Training for a renewal permit application must occur within the twelve months prior to the expiration of a currently held permit. Therefore, the training required for permit renewal must have occurred within the twelve months prior to the expiration date of the currently held permit. Since the renewal application must be filed at least thirty days prior to the expiration of the current permit, the effective training period is no greater than eleven months. Training is at the option of the applicant and can either be done via lecture class for a new permit application, OR may be qualified on a firing range under the supervision of an instructor certified by the National Rifle Association or certain other firearms training certifying bodies.

The important difference here is that training for a renewal application must have occurred within the twelve months prior to the expiration of the currently held permit. This includes the use of the Form DD-214 which must show the acceptable military discharge within the twelve months prior to the expiration of the currently held permit. All renewal applications require a training component; there are no exceptions (no grandfather clause in the statute).

The easist way to renew your Iowa permit to carry is to show me that you are competent and safe with your handgun or revolver. I ask that you bring a firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition.

This class will take around 20 - 25 minutes, costs $25 and can be done on every other Sunday between the hours of 9:00 - 11:00 am at my range.

Courses offered


    $150 for 1-2 people, $75 for each additional person. This course will teach you the 4 principles of firearm safety as well the 4 basic fundamentals of pistol/revolver shooting. This course is designed specifially for new shooters.


    $150 for 1-2 people, $75 for each additional person. This course will teach you the techniques of drawing from a holster, engaging multiple targets as well as quick reaction drills. This course is designed for for more experiencd shooters.


    $200 for 1-2 people, $100 for each additional person and will revolve around keeping you and your loved ones safe during a home invasion.


    $200 for 1-2 people, $100 for each additional person and revolves around keeping you and your loved ones safe outside the home.


Courses can be done almost anytime, just choose a 2 hour time frame.

Each person will learn differently. Some may pick the skill up very fast, others may not. You may choose to take only one session, however, getting involved in a weekly 2 hour session will drastically improve your shooting abilities. I tailor each class to the students needs and develop a training plan strictly designed for what the student wants to gain from the course. I can hone in your strengths and build on your weaknesses.

Hands on - Military Rifle Courses

These courses are oriented toward learning to operate a military-style rifle to the extreme limits of performance of the rifle and the operator.

The classes begin with Phase I, which is designed to introduce new shooters to their rifles, while also challenging experienced shooters with a greater fundamental understanding of their chosen platform and its capabilities. Topics covered include: firearm safety, capabilities of those platforms present in the class, basic ballistics, weapon maintenance, weapon manipulation, malfunction reduction, and more. This is a combination lecture and live fire course. Once the classroom component is completed, we move to the range to help you set the sights on your rifle, an extensive familiarization course to help you build mastery of your chosen military rifle platform, and then a set of qualification exercises to challenge you to use these skills in a competitive manner. To successfully complete this course, a shooter will need, at a minimum, a semi-automatic rifle with iron sights or a non-magnified optic, and the rifle is fed from detachable box magazines; at least five magazines for that rifle (20 rounds or more capacity preferred), some method of carrying those magazines; 250 rounds factory loaded ammunition, and a ready-to-learn attitude.

Cost: $150 per student

Phase II Military Rifle builds on those skills learned in Phase I, but focuses on increasing speed and precision while increasing the challenge by adding a greater degree of movement while shooting. The short classroom component re-emphasizes firearm safety, delves into the role of ballistics in the short range fight, takes a look at equipment management, and others. On the range, we will reconfirm zero, run through several iterations of the skills and techniques discussed in the classroom, and finish out with a competitive qualification exercise. Required equipment is the same as for Phase I.

Cost: $250 per student (will need to complete Phase I first unless you have prior approval)

Classroom Lecture Course

This course is designed for those students that would like to know the permit to carry laws, rules and regulations. Since this is a lecture course, you do not need to bring a firearm into the building, however, after the lecture we will drive out to my range and shoot for those that want to learn to be safe and proficient as well as for the Minnesota permit qualification.

The course is held at Sportsman's Warehouse, located at 921 SE Oralabor Road, Ankeny, IA 50021.

The cost is $70 made payable online or the day of in cash, check or credit. However, with the training you will receive, you will also get a $25 Sportsman's Warehouse giftcard.

State law does NOT require you to shoot, however, I would highly recommend it. It's not a contest and there are no exams. I can and will teach you the fundamentals of range/gun safety and how to properly and effectively use your firearm. Also, if you'd like to obtain a Minnesota permit to carry, you will need to qualify on my range with a handgun or revolver.